Oct 21

Sorry! We're SOLD OUT this week.

Beef Rouladen
Braised low & slow, smoked bacon, dill pickle & Dijon Demi

Weiner Schnitzel
Flambés brine, crispy fried, fresh parsley & lemon
Dairy Free

House Made Spätzle
Egg noodles, brown butter, fresh parsley & chives

Sweet & Savory Braised Red Cabbage
Okanagan apples, clove, bacon & cider
Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Gherkin Salat
Shaved cucumber salad, house pickled red onion & fresh dill
Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Freshly Baked Pretzel Buns & Whipped Butter

Suggested Wine Pairing
German Style Reisling

REMINDER: Please place a cooler WITH an ice pack outside your door if no one will be home to accept your delivery. Thank you!

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