Roast Beef & Yorkies
Dec 16

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24hr sous vide chuck “pot roast”
Overnight simmered thyme & cabernet merlot demi

Classic House Made Yorkshire Pudding

Roasted Root Vegetable Pave’
Thinly sliced layers of sweet potato, parsnip, carrot & onion
Brown butter & toasted coriander
Gluten free

Butter Lettuce “Wedge Salad”
Crispy bacon, diced tomato & green onion
House gorgonzola dressing
Gluten free

Rosemary & Confit Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Gluten free, Dairy Free

Suggested wine pairing
Cabernet sauvignon or Meritage blend

REMINDER: Please place a cooler WITH an ice pack outside your door if no one will be home to accept your delivery. Thank you!

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